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Implants are body-compatible titanium screws that are surgically inserted into the bone under the gums. Once these screws are in place, they allow the dentist to place the implant cover on them using dentures.

Korean implants are the reasons for its popularity
We are all familiar with various methods of beauty and dental health these days, and we have heard the name of these methods at least once. Today, dental implants are one of the most important and of course practical methods for all people, so many fans It also has. If you are also looking for your dental implants, you must have heard the names of many types of implants that are known by the name of their importing country. Meanwhile, the Korean implant has surpassed its other competitors in the country and has been able to be welcomed for various reasons.

The most popular Korean implant brand: Megagen is one of the most popular Korean brands, which was very popular among people from the beginning, and of course, the purchase of this brand by Stromman, a European company, multiplied the popularity of this brand.

Digital implants use 3D computer modeling to examine the condition of the jawbone and the location of nerve fibers. With this reliable information, the dentist can design the implant placement procedure with the least gap in the jaw. Because digital implant surgery is designed to create the smallest possible gap; Pain is significantly reduced compared to traditional implant surgery. During the dental implant procedure, the doctor is given very detailed instructions regarding the location of your teeth, which the surgeon can use to make sure that the surgery causes the least damage to the surrounding nerves or adjacent teeth. This guide also helps the dentist make the most accurate and smallest incisions possible for a dental implant.

Digital optical molding has significantly increased productivity, accuracy and production, making it possible for dentists to email this virtual image to e-mail instead of sending a traditional mold or plaster cast. Send to the laboratory. Also, with digital molding, the desired restoration can be completed in one session of the patient’s visit to the dentist, thus increasing the speed of treatment and reducing the need for multiple visits to the office.

Other benefits of digital molding include:

Improve the image / increase the quality of the molding and better the restoration session in the desired location
Less time for molding
No need for unpleasant molding materials that bother some patients
More comfort, less anxiety experience for patients and the dental team
Ability to reduce imaging errors and eliminate material errors that reduce repair errors.
Patients are more satisfied with new technologies and the use of art in dental care and are more in the process of treatment. They can see images of their tooth mold on the screen next to the dental chair. The scan of the teeth as well as how the two opposite teeth come in contact (two teeth that are placed on top of each other in the upper and lower jaws) and the jaw are completed in a short time (three to five minutes). Digital formatting can be stored electronically and indefinitely, which saves space, records more efficiently, and reduces paperwork.

Useful tips to increase the success rate of treatment:

* Do not brush around the operation area for 1 day after implant placement.
* Rinsing the mouth up to 8 hours after surgery is not recommended.
* It is better to use mouthwash the day after surgery. The best solution for rinsing the mouth is chlorhexidine 3 times a day.
* Drinking after surgery is easily possible, but when eating, you should be careful that the anesthesia has lost its effect.
* People who use implants should avoid smoking, drinking coffee and drinking tea for the first three days.
In general, the use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol reduces the success of implant placement. * Dental implants, like natural teeth, require care. Because microbial plaques cause gum infection. Therefore, it is recommended to use interdental brushes, floss, toothbrush and preferably implant toothpaste.

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