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cosmetic dentistry generally refers to those dental treatments that improve the appearance and sometimes the what is function of the patient’s teeth, gums, or byte (jawbone). The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry, as its name implies,Making your teeth more beautiful in terms of color, position, shape, size and regularity, or in short, creating an attractive and perfect smile. The cosmetic dentist does his best to make a positive change in the teeth and the design of the smile.
Improving the smile design has a significant effect on the overall beauty of the face, and even a seemingly minor change can have an incredible effect on the patient’s self-confidence and self-satisfactionToday, with the help of modern advances in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, a variety of treatments can be performed, from tooth color correction to missing tooth replacementSo if you do not like your smile, we recommend that you try new cosmetic dental treatments to finally achieve your dream smile.Our skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists at Victoria Dental Care are ready to assist you on the path to achieving your desired smile so that you can smile with more confidence. Contact our numbers for more information or to book an appointment

teeth whitening

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teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental treatment because it has a significant effect on the teeth in a low-cost and convenient way.Teeth can be whitened in the office by a cosmetic dentist or a special kit containing plaque and gel for teeth whitening at home can be obtained from the cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening products, such as toothpaste, gel, mouthwash, tape and bleaching plaque, can also be obtained without a prescription from a pharmacy.


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Veneer is a thin shell that is custom made of ceramic or resin according to the color of each patient’s teeth and the dentist sticks it on the front surface of the teeth for the beauty of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist first cuts about half a millimeter of enamel on the surface of the tooth, then places these thin cosmetic veneers with special cement on the tooth to change the color, shape, size or length of the tooth. With the help of veneer, defects such as lip filling, blemishes and discoloration, irregularity, unevenness, abrasion or spacing can be successfully corrected. The end result is a shiny and beautiful tooth that feels and looks completely natural.

Composite veneer

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Composite veneer resin is a tooth-colored paste that the dentist places on the tooth and hardens with laser light or ultraviolet light. In the next step, the dentist forms and polishes the composite veneer. Composite veneer is used to repair caries, liposuction, cracking or tooth deformity. Composite veneer is also a good alternative to amalgam or silver-colored toothpaste.

veneers made of metal

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The dentist places the veneer on all parts of the decayed tooth. After veneering, the tooth regains its natural shape, size, strength and appearance. The veneer protects the weak tooth from fracture. Veneers include two types: veneers made of metal, welded ceramic to metal (PFM), resin or ceramic (zirconia).

Inlay & Unlay

Inlay & Unlay, or indirect fillings, are made of gold, ceramic, or composite and are used to fill decayed or damaged teeth. First, the restoration is molded, then the model is sent to the laboratory to make the restoration, and finally the dentist sticks the restoration on the tooth. If the material is placed inside the center of the tooth, the restoration is inlay type, but if the restoration involves one or more corners of the tooth or covers the entire surface of the bite, it is called inlay restoration. By inlay and inlay method, most of the healthy teeth are preserved and it can be considered as a replacement for veneers.


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A bridge is a common tooth restoration that attaches to healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth. The denture attached to the bridge also fills the gap associated with the missing tooth. This cosmetic restoration fills the empty tooth space in the smile. To replace the bridge, like a ceramic veneer, the dentist mills the surface of the teeth so that he can place the bridge on them. A bridge is the best choice for a denture with a small gap or a unilateral dentition. However, a bridge can also be used to correct bilateral dentition, in which case almost all the remaining teeth are used to hold the replacement tooth.


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The implant is made of unreacted titanium. The surgeon places the implant in the bone. An implant is the basis for tooth replacement that is digitally prepared to fit the rest of the patient’s teeth. After the surgeon inserts the implant into the bone during surgery, he or she waits for a while for the implant to weld to the bone and fuse with the jawbone. The cover is then placed on the implant. The main advantage of implant cosmetic surgery over other dental alternatives is that the implant attaches directly to the jawbone. Of course, welding the implant to the bone will not be the same as the main connection, but it does offer a similar function.


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Dentures are used to replace missing teeth, and because they are removable, they can be removed from the mouth. Removable dentures are designed to shape the teeth and gums and replace the surrounding teeth and tissues. If the edentulousness is complete, a complete denture is made, but if the patient still has several teeth, a one-piece denture is recommended.

smile correction

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Smile correction is a combination of several cosmetic and sometimes restorative dentistry treatments. In this treatment plan, the patient wants to use all the necessary treatments to achieve his dream smile. In the treatment of smile design modification, treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, veneers, implants, invisible orthodontics (invisaline) are used.


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Orthodontics includes procedures such as conventional braces and invisible orthodontics. Orthodontics is one of the most popular treatments for achieving more beautiful and healthier teeth. There are several reasons for orthodontics, including jaw deviation, skewness, crowding, irregularity and compaction of the teeth, and tooth loss or bite deformity (malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth). Orthodontics is usually performed on children aged 7-14 years.

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